Brighten records an exponential growth and an international expansion


Brighten has grown by 23% this year, compared to 2022, with an expected increase of approximately 35%, by 2024.
Procensus and Oak Peak merged three years ago to create Brighten, which closed this year’s financial year with an impressive turnover of more than eight million euros, almost twice as much as its predecessor companies combined.

International presence is one of Brighten’s pillars of success, with its operations now representing half of companie’s total turnover. Germany’s strategy stands out, since Brighten has established a subsidiary in Wolfsburg, which already accounts for 20 per cent of its turnover. André Coutinho, Managing Partner, highlights how strategically important this expansion is, stating “having a stronger physical presence is crucial to guaranteeing customer confidence and demonstrating our commitment to German market.”

Brighten constantly adapts itself to market dynamics, which is reflected by offices being closed in Luxembourg due to disinvestment in it, and in Oporto in response to employees’ preference for a remote working model there.

This successful journey has resulted in Brighten Strategy & Operations, a new company focused on more specialised management and strategy consultancy services.

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