Integration – Today’s technological puzzle


Software is increasingly specialised by sector when it comes to offering solutions. Companies are looking for the best solution for each challenge, and with very attractive licensing models, the cost of having the best-of-breed in each area makes this an attractive reality.

This makes it easier to overcome time-consuming problems in a wide range of areas, but it also brings with it a major challenge: integrating different pieces of this technological puzzle.

If we analyse what the latest Sage Partner Summit focused on, it’s quite natural and reassuring to see a group concerned with the interconnection and purpose of data, investing technologically to ensure its solutions are prepared to be an aggregating engine for the most diverse data sources.

Having the best shop floor software, the best logistics management software or the best maintenance management software only makes it a profitable investment if this data is at the service of a company’s management department. ERP’s role today is to be able to aggregate and bring coherence to this data.

In a recent study, 63% of companies said they were willing to invest in new software in the coming year, so it’s important for these companies to be prepared to receive all the add-ons that will enrich them.

This is already a reality in Sage’s ecosystem, due to all its investment in APIs over the last few years and its ability to be extensible. It is therefore only natural that it should evolve towards integrations with the most advanced AI platforms, bringing added value to support decision-making.

Ultimately, the goal is to make technology do the “heavy lifting” so that businesses only have to put their numbers at their service in terms of evolution and strategic growth.

Getting the entire value chain, from Customers to Suppliers, to benefit from structuring this data is the next step. Building an entire ecosystem around a Product is the challenge, and so is expanding benefits from having a platform capable of making sense of data, by giving it value so that business partners can have their iterations with the company facilitated and thus make it easier to both “repurchase” and “re-supply”. On average, it costs 5 times as much to acquire a new Client as it does to maintain a current one, so by extending our benefits to those who work with us, we’re also saving money.

At Brighten, our purpose is to Simplify your business, together, and our alignment and commitment to this is absolute, and a source of comfort for all those who entrust us with their technological evolution.

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