Empower your decisions with solid data and implement your strategy in a more effective and supported way.

Agile HR Analytics is a comprehensive analysis and reporting solution for human resources management, based on Microsoft Power BI, with interactive dashboards that enable the analysis of human resources data. This solution aims to support organizations in discovering useful insights to support strategic decision-making in Human Resources.

The solution enables Human Resources teams to make data-driven decisions in order to attract, manage and retain their employees, resulting in improvement and a significant return on investment. It also helps leaders to develop more effective working environments, thereby maximizing employee productivity.

Why People Analytics?

Single Reporting Environment

A single reporting environment to visualize all your Human Resources data and other business data, supporting strategic decision-making.

Aggregates data from different sources

Combined data from all sources. Integrates external and internal data from Human Resources systems and other systems.

Fully hosted in its own environment

Human Resources data is very sensitive, and we prefer to keep it securely in its own environment.

Data protection and security

Customize and securely control who can access Human Resources data to protect sensitive information.

Adapted to your organization’s needs

Hierarchical structures, business rules and calculations, according to your requirements.

The ultimate comprehensive analysis and reporting solution

– 360º view of the Human Resources department.

– A single platform with all the data.

– Flexible, customizable reports with the ability to add calculations.

– Ease of use and data management (Microsoft Power BI and the Azure data platform).

– Platform adapted to the needs of your business.

– Possibility of creating hierarchies and calculations according to your requirements.

Access more than 40 HR dashboards

Fully adaptable to meet the needs of Human Resources, enabling HR insights, facilitating strategic decision-making and providing a 360° view of your organization.

Executive Panel

Key HR Insights at a glance

The executive dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of key HR metrics, including headcount, diversity, recruitment, leave, dismissals, training and other key indicators. The user-friendly interface allows you to quickly analyze all the crucial KPIs and a single, consolidated vision.

Recruitment Analysis

Develop the Hiring Strategy

Gain comprehensive insights into recruitment analytics. Explore metrics such as active job vacancies, successfully filled vacancies, the most and least effective sourcing methods and the total number of interviews completed. Customize the analysis by filtering variables such as departments, seniority levels and deadlines.

Hiring Analysis

Evolving the Talent Acquisition Strategy

This dashboard presents a comprehensive view of recruitment. It offers a transparent understanding of key performance indicators, including time to hire and time to offer, influenced by elements such as job level, experience, operational division and geographical location.

Diversity and Inclusion (DE&I)

Tracking Progress towards Inclusion

With an engaging dashboard, you can delve into demographic details and focus on specific aspects such as gender and ethnic diversity. This dashboard displays a variety of metrics that reflect the company’s diversity, including the representation of women in senior positions and the distribution of employees between generations.

Performance Analysis

Reveal Excellence, Recognize Potential

Employee performance dashboards help HR teams and managers understand the efficiency, happiness and goal advancement of the workforce. The dashboard offers a performance analysis considering various factors such as length of service, seniority and gender.

Termination Analysis

Understand departure, increase retention

Align the organization’s strategy through termination reports in different categories such as business unit, age, contract type, employee type, gender and reason for termination.

Predict attrition

Anticipate departure, promote retention

This dashboard contains an analysis of the attrition forecast by different categories such as business unit, employee tenure level, performance rating, location and gender.

Employee’s Risk Score

Predicting and Mitigating Talent Loss

This dashboard presents a predictive attrition analysis for each employee, allowing you to assess the likelihood of the employee leaving based on key factors.

History and Trends

Mapping the Past, Navigating the Future

Historical and trend dashboards allow HR teams and business managers to understand the evolving patterns of employee data, including hires, resignations and attrition rates over time.

Salary analysis

Optimizing Fair Compensation

The dashboard includes an analysis of average salaries in various categories, such as business divisions, months, gender, age groups, seniority levels and geographical locations.

Absence Analysis

Analyze Absence for a Better Balance

This dashboard helps provide HR teams with the total average of absences recorded or requested by employees. It contains analysis of annual leave, sick leave in different categories. For example, business unit, age, reason, type of leave, date and cost analysis of annual leave.


Empowering Employees

Employees are the most important asset within an organization. This HR dashboard contains an analysis of training and cost in different categories. For example, department and type of training.

Turnover Analysis

Insights to Reduce Turnover

Understanding an organisation’s employee turnover is crucial to assessing their satisfaction levels and identifying potential factors contributing to attrition. This dashboard provides an analysis of attrition, categorized into voluntary and involuntary, as well as segmented by criteria such as stability, seniority, gender or age.

Department Overview

Performance Overview by Department

This dashboard allows you to view various aspects, such as business units, management levels, employment status and organizational levels.

Demographic Analysis

Demographic Analysis About the Team

This dashboard contains important information such as the number of employees, hires, resignations by demographic and employee analysis from the point of view of each different business unit.

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Discover how Agile HR Analytics opens up new digital paths for your company.

We’ll be happy to help you introduce Agile HR Analytics dashboards and reports into your company to support HR decisions.

Discover how Agile HR Analytics opens up new digital paths for your company.

We’ll be happy to help you introduce Agile HR Analytics dashboards and reports into your company to support HR decisions.